A witness is a martyr .. A new report Yemen Media Union

The Union of Yemeni Journalists issued a comprehensive report on the crimes of the Saudi-American aggression against the Yemeni media sector during the three years of the launching of the Hazem Storm, which started on 26

March 2015 with a media war aimed at blocking official media and cloning some of it.

Then turned to bombie several media installations, television crews, and war media correspondents. The report, which was translated into English, included details of the martyrs of the 180-member national and military media. Ten belong Yemen satellite channel, four to the Al-Massira channel, and one to Yemen Today.

The report, which dubbed “Witness a martyr .. Three years of violations and crimes of the Saudi alliance” also contained the media facilities targeted by the coalition, including about 30 centers and broadcast radio and television, belonging to the General Organization for Radio and Television, in addition to the targeting of other media such as Yemen Channel, Yemen Today’s TV Office in Faj Atan, Al Masirah Channel Office in Saada City, Al-Thawra and Republic Offices in Aden and Taiz governorates, as well as the official Saba offices in a number of governorates.

The report pointed out the indirect violations that affected the Yemeni media sector due to the comprehensive siege imposed by the Saudi alliance and the consequent economic crisis that led to the suspension of many newspapers and media outlets. The suffering of thousands of journalists, media professionals, and media workers has increased when the payment of salaries stopped to Aden with the support of the Saudi alliance.

The report pointed out that the ongoing air embargo on Sanaa International Airport for the third year in a row has prevented the international journalists from visited Yemen, also hindering the travel of humanitarian cases abroad and preventing the participation of Yemeni journalists in a number of international conferences devoted to talk about what is happening in Yemen, while the coalition allowed its mercenaries in the media sector to roam freely in the countries of the world while continuing to shroud public opinion.

The Union renewed calling for the formation of an impartial international commission of inquiry to invistegate into the war crimes committed by the Saudi coalition against media and Journalist in Yemen, stressing that crimes will not be forgotten.

The report called on the various national media institutions to assist in documenting the crimes and violations committed, taking into account the methods of legal documentation in accordance with international standards. He called on international and regional organizations concerned with human rights and media freedoms in solidarity with Yemeni media and support them in the face of war and siege and their consequences.


قد يعجبك ايضا